Friday, October 12, 2007

Stars Of The Month

Hey Guys,

Look on this Xciting Eid, i bring to u the Stars of the Month in My Profile :D

let me introduce all of them :P

This is Saira Andleeb :P
from Cow n Chicken

This is Saira Shaukat :P
The lil mouse on the clock waiting for One

Last But Not the Least
Here Comes My Best Friend
THE Memoona Javeria :P
Witch of Elixir
Hope U Luv them cuz i do ;)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Ramadan Tags

i was asked for these questions from a friend of mine Syra*...
n here they r...

1- Do you wake up with enough time margin in Sehri or just rush to the dinning room five minutes before Azan time?

Answer : I wake up with enough time margin in Sehri cuz ive to go n wake oders. JAAGTE RAHOOOOO :P

2- A must have food item in Sehri / Iftar?

Answer : in Sehri there is nothing must....but in Aftari it is must to open my Roza with a Khajoor and Fruit chat.

3- A food item you try to avoid in Sehri/ Iftar?

Answer : MILK in Sehri and Chapati in Aftari (which i normally do avoid)

4- Have you observed fast without Sehri this ramzan?

Answer : NO :P

5- Which thing you crave for after Iftar? Milk, Tea, Coffee, Cigarette … etc?

Answer : Lays (French Cheese) :P

6- Invited for Iftar this ramzan? How many times and by whom?

Answer : None... lucky this tym :D

7- Invited for Sehri and/or invited somebody for the same at your place?

Answer : well not for Sehri....but yeah Chacha and guests were invited more than 7 tyms. -huh-

8- Dinned out at Sehri? If yes, how was the experience?

Answer : Never, not even thot of doing tht.

9- Would you like to recommend a place for Iftar?

Answer : My Home... ur invited ;)

Well oder than tht i lyk going for a hi-tea @ PC or Islamabad Club.

10- Routine changes in Ramzan, so do the college and office timings. With half of the ramzan gone, have you adjusted yourself with this new routine or still struggling? Or your routine varies from weekdays to weekends in a different way than it used to be before Ramzan; and are you quite satisfied with the goings?

Answer : well i was desperately waiting for ramzan bcuz of the office timings.....we almost reach home early than normal timings and hav enuf tym to sleep. i wish dez timings wont ever change....even if Ramzan ends.

11- Are there any non-Muslims in the circle of your colleagues, class-fellows and friends? And do they avoid eating openly?

Answer : ummmmm.......i hav friends in circle who r non-Muslims and they really respect Ramzan.

12- Do you think you are doing justice with your Ebadaat this month, in a true sagacity as it should be in ramzan?

Answer : starting of the month was quite energized but then devil took over me n i started leaving my isha prayers as i slept early...but now im getting back to it.

13- Do you go shopping on chand raat? If ‘yes’ then with family, friends or alone?

Answer : yeah i manage to take out a list of things while setting there priority or severity level to 1 so tht i can go out on chand raat...... but hav to go wid family.

14- Are we going to celebrate this Eid with Musharraf as president? And next Eids with both: Mush and BB as ‘P’ and ‘PM’ respectively?

Answer : well i'll b happy in celebrating there joy as far as they give me a healthy n wealthy Eidiee :P
im not into politics so who ever it is......i dont care... :)