Monday, September 17, 2007


Does it ever feel like trouble follows you around and won’t cut you any slack?
Sometimes it feels like you can’t buy a break and everything you try just makes things worse.
Who could blame you for feeling sorry for yourself or not forgive a little self-destructive behavior?
Bad idea.
The new way to spend down times is to lift yourself up and operate at a higher level.
Remember that what happens to you is not who you are.
It’s history.
It’s past.
Your true self takes that history and decides how to make the best possible future out of it.
You have the power to keep your attitude and values from driving into the ditch along with the events in your life.
From defeat, you can still emerge victorious.

Friday, September 7, 2007

It's My Birthday

WUHUUUU.....its my birthday today. 8th September '85 was the day the whole world was blessed with angel named Tayyaba :P

When i was young i looked lyk this :D
i Luved my outfits ;)

i luved the parties :P
enjoyed eating cake!!!

One of the benefits (really the only benefit) of having one's birthday fall on a holiday is that you can usually guarantee a long weekend in which to celebrate. I had 3 days planned of bliss and merriment which I was especially looking forward to on a couple of fronts. First, I've been working a lot of weekdays working late and just having a runnaway weekend is a bona fide treat. Second, my mom and I actually had a non-Sunday day off together which meant that we could go out and have fun while shopping. That is a very rare treat, indeed.
Saturday, it started for me before than actually the saturday started :P i recieved my first phone call by my far away friend but quite quite dear to me..PeTu... then 10 mins to 12 i started recieving msgs on n off from my mamoo, friends, juinors, collegues, loved ones...attended a huge list of calls.....n it took almost 1 hour to end up....not to miss my Gifted Brother DADDU also called me....n tht was a huge surprise for me....although i got a lil hint b4 but i still didnt get wat i was told...neways....last msg after a complete hour was of a guy(long awaited enemy i guess)....then on soo many wishes from my net friends,neighbours,univ fellows, and my social circle...... it was a blessed day indeed. i slept quite late. I woke up in the morning quite late cuz of last nite...All day went perfecty well....presents,love,happiness,surprises,Dinner.....CAKE Ofcourse :D
It was a great feeling.
I got very pretty flowers and gifts. For all my griping it was a good weekend. Having people over to visit isn't the end of the world and is actually pretty nice. Being able to help out at work. And being "forced" to wander around Target sounds like a pretty good way to spend a day off.
I've decided I really need to enjoy this year especially since this is my ambitious year. Yea! My opinion matters for one more year! Go me!
I am excited for it.
And it is only during my birthday that someone remembers my existence.
I am probably the least Zen person among my friends. Because I get so excited for the future, I’d dream up different scenarios already. I have been this way since I was small, I am always making plans for the future, and imagining things in my head.
I am so excited, that just for my birthday, but also for masters/MS(status :P), which is actually a year from now according to my dreamz :D. But I already can’t wait for it.
I wonder what would happen to me once I’m 40?
Or in the future in general, actually :D

Caught in the Candle's Light

Many years have passed us by
Each one I carefully trace
Remembering the time we shared
These moments I embrace

Strong and filled with wisdom
My kind and gentle heart
You filled me with the deepest love
My blessed work of art

Kindness did exude from you
Such peace I always found
Together with my memories
My heart to you is bound

Candle glow upon the wall
I see you standing there
Smile of love my masterpiece
This canvas heart will wear

Flicking within the night
Our shadows now will meet
Dancing in the softest light

Two hearts of love now greet

Flame of love will always burn
No matter where you are
Look upon the softest glow
You're never really far.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

what is my present???

Do you worry about what is going to happen in the future, or have sad regrets about the past?
Take today to just concentrate on the present.
It’s great to learn from the past and to plan for the future, but what is happening right now is what really matters.
The past has come and gone and the future holds no guarantees. Today is the most important day.
So begin each day with a plan.
What do you want to accomplish today?
Eat healthy?
Play with your kids?
Daily, small goals will help you in the long run achieve your dreams.
Concentrate on the

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Take a second look at your goals

How many times are we blind to the good in front of us because we’re looking past it for something better?
It’s like watching the track your whole life, waiting for a train to come in and never realizing that you’re sitting smack in the middle of the splendid Grand Central Station.
Take a second look at your goals.
Are they building on the good already in your life?
Are you taking full advantage of the strengths you already have?
Is it worth giving up what you have for what you might have?
In many cases, the answer is yes.
To that we say ‘go for it’ with all the enthusiasm we can muster.
Those are the meaningful goals.
If the answer is no, try reworking your goals to include ones that complement your present life rather than substitute for it.
Whatever the answer is for you, we could all use a little more appreciation for the pieces of silver in our lives.